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Stevia Leaf  - 1oz.

Stevia Leaf - 1oz.


Stevia leaf is an amazing herb for adding 0 calorie natural sweetness to your tea or coffee. 1 ounce of stevia will sweeten many ounces of tea. This is pure straight stevia leaf, not an extract. Using stevia leaf in this form doesn't have the "after taste" many stevia products can have. Simply add a pinch to your favorite tea blend during the brewing process and strain it out  with the other loose leaves. Enjoy!

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  • Health Benefits

    Stevia is a herbal sweetener that is good for you, stevia leaf adds no calories, and has no harmful side effects. The sweet leaves of this plant are a pleasant and guilt free alternative to sugar. The active photochemical in stevia leaves, stevioside, is at least one hundred times sweeter than sugar, the exact amount varies from leaf to leaf and plant to plant. There have been some studies, mostly animal, that suggest that stevia may be able to lower blood sugar and has a place in the prevention and treatment of type II diabetes1. Stevia's value for anyone wishing to cut down on calories from sugar as part of a healthy diet is unquestionable.

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