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The ERHS Story


First of all I just want to thank you for your interest in my company. The ERHS story starts like this. By the time I was 23 I had lost all my grandparents due to diabetes & cancer and my parents were starting to show signs of illness & disease. I started to research why these disease were so prevalent in our country. I watched a lot of documentaries that were very popular at the time mainly "Super-Size Me", "Forks over Knifes", "Food Inc.", & "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead". While eating meats, sugars, grains, & fats are not bad in their pure form & in moderate quantities its in the manner these food items are mass produced & over consumed that creates the problem. Modern farming and meat production often use synthetic hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, & GMOs which are all very bad for you and cause illness & disease over time. During this period of me educating myself my older brother was studying cold pressed vegetable juices for health too. The three things I noticed with juicing vegetables for health reasons was that it was very expensive, messy, and time consuming. I absolutely love vegetable juice and if you're interested in learning more about the health benefits of it look up and watch the "Gershon Miracle" documentary on youtube. It has been used to successfully treat cancer. On the other hand hot teas are extremely affordable, neat & tidy, convenient, & easy to make! So I decided to take this route of study to improve my parents health and the worlds! There are hundreds of flavors and combinations of tea, it is a wide delicious world of health benefits! Teas offer different compounds not available in our normal diets even if we eat a lot of vegetables & greens. Teas also act as a preventative to illness & disease. Humans have been treating sickness with herbal remedies since the dawn of time and China's TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a very sound, tried, & true herbal healing method. India also has a very sound herbal healing method called Ayurvedic Medicine. Other countries around the world also use teas and herbal treatments in their health care system including Germany & Africa. To make a long story longer I made my first tea & herb order in September of 2011. My dad really believed in me and matched my money I invested in my company. I first figured out that most Americans have one of two issues or both. They have issues waking up and going to sleep! So I developed two teas called "Day Starter" & "Blissful Sleep". Both teas were a great success and really helped build my company early on! My dad at the time was struggling with type 2 diabetes. I dove into my herb books and put together a tea for him and named it "Apple Pie". One night his blood sugar was up to 350-400 and he was in trouble. He then brewed up a large pot (64oz.) of Apple Pie tea and drank it all and in 1 hour it dropped his blood sugar 70 points! I tell you this story for one reason, to show you the power of teas and herbs. During the last 10 years I've been working on sourcing the best quality organic teas and blending them into delicious flavors while still staying true to the health benefits. My teas will never have artificial flavors, preservatives, herbicides, sweeteners, or GMOs. I also believe that the price of organic food products is too high and then loses its value to folks who can't afford it. ERHS's motive is to bring the overall cost of organics down by charging affordable prices with your pocket book in mind! My goal, passion, & desire is to see you living a healthy and abundant life! So whether you're looking for a hot cup of green tea to start your day with or a hot cup of chamomile to wind down with a book in your favorite nook you can always count on Elijah's Raw Herb Supply to deliver the highest quality organic teas and herbs to your door step!
Thank you once again for your interest in my tea shop! Have a blessed day!

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