Organically sourced black orange-pekoe, green tea, yerba mate, cacao nibs, and stevia leaf. This tea blend in naturally sweetened with a rich body and is truly earth's energy drink with 25 different vitamins and minerals and 3 all natural sources of caffeine. It makes an excellent coffee replacement. Persons who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this product. Enjoy.


(stevia used in its natural dried leaf form does not have the bitter aftertaste that many stevia extracts can have)

Organic Earth's Energy - CONTAINS CAFFEINE 2oz.

  • Quantity of 1 = 2 ounces

  • *The health benefits of black/green teas are mainly credited to the catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate, or (EGCG). Plant polyphenols are powerful anti-oxidants and have numerous health benefits including the lowering of bad cholesterol, improving cardiovascular health, skin rejuvenation, and weight loss. Also has anit-cancer/tumor, anti-diabetes, and anti-aging properties. Yerba maté has over 196 active compounds, nutrients, amino acids, electrolytes, and 24 different vitamins and minerals. It is rich in polyphenols/antioxidants and when used over time shows cholesterol lowering potential and is a great detoxifying/weightloss herb. Cacao nibs are delightful and rich in antioxidants. Stevia leaf is high in chromium and helps you burn sugars in the body more efficiently.

    The caffeine in this blend does not leave you jittery but provides you with a clean long-lasting focused energy.

    Also, if you’re on medications, have chronic health issues, or just questions in general, check with your health care provider for their advice.

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